Feedback about “God’s beautiful and balanced design for male and female”

Biblical doctrines and principles do not change. But there are times when those doctrines and principles need to be understood clearly as new situations arise and are addressed by the church. That is certainly true when it comes to what the Bible tells us about the God-given roles of men and women and the nature of their relationship with one another.

Our synod’s current doctrinal statement, adopted by the 1993 synod convention, is called “Scriptural Principles of Man and Woman Roles.” It is a correct explanation of biblical truth and since its adoption, our synod’s doctrinal position has not changed. But new questions and issues have arisen regarding the biblical roles of men and women that did not really exist in 1993.

For those reasons, the Conference of Presidents determined that it would be beneficial for our synod to consider an updated restatement of the scriptural principles outlined in the 1993 document. The new statement is entitled “God’s beautiful and balanced design for male and female.” The Conference of Presidents encourages you to study and discuss the statement and invites you to provide feedback on the form below. 

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