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WELS Christian Aid & Relief Humanitarian Aid grant.

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  • Terms of Grant
    NOTE: The following financial and reporting procedures, established to provide improved cash flow, accounting practices and reporting activities need to be followed:

    1. You may request all the money for an approved project sent to you at one time through the Missions Office at [email protected]. However, if you do not need all of the funding immediately or within a short period of time, please request only what is needed at that time. Bear in mind that additional monies can be wired quickly.

    2. For the sake of accountability, please track how much money was spent, on what, and if there is any left over. Please keep receipts on the field to back up a record on how the money for a project was spent. Please note: Quarterly reporting will be submitted through the electronic form. (It is not necessary to include receipts with the submitted report, but they should be kept on the field for seven years.) Stateside missions must submit receipts with their requisitions for funds.

    3. If any money is left over from a project, they should be returned to the Missions Office where they can be used for future humanitarian aid projects, either in your country or in another part of the world. Monies not used during the fiscal year the grant was awarded will not carry over into the next fiscal year.

    4. Humanitarian Aid quarterly report form must be filled out online by the following deadlines:

    Reports are due quarterly until the project is complete.

    • 1st quarter report due prior to October 15
    • 2nd quarter report due prior to January 15
    • 3rd quarter report due prior to April 15
    • 4th quarter report due prior to July 15

    Our committee hopes to use these reports as part of our effort to share with others the ways in which God is using humanitarian aid as a means to bridge gospel outreach with people around the world. As always, we also encourage your "stories" and pictures at any time throughout the year!

Questions? Specific questions regarding the WELS Humanitarian Aid Project Quarterly Submission Form should be addressed to Beth Zambo at [email protected] or Pastor Daniel Sims at [email protected] or [email protected].

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